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2v2 games

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2v2 games

Postby Dizzlebomb » December 25th, 2017, 1:03 pm

Rekindling the idea of getting some more 2v2s happening, call it a New Years resolution to have more 2v2 games.

Tony 'they call you Mendoza', I'm not gonna be able to do Wednesday evening this coming week, I'll likely be in there Wednesday early... but I'd still like to assemble a team Chaos list to play against someone, possibly the following week after work hours could happen or on a weekend in January.

Anyone else who would like to assemble a team list with someone (ideally with someone new), post your faction and maybe with some Christmas magic this can catch on a bit in the new year.

Maybe we start with 2000pts combined between both team members, borrow points from partner as needed.

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