Our Affiliates

Our friends at Brewpoint Coffee share our vision of a better community. Their business, like ours, is not just a business; it's also a hangout. The owners are gamers like us and they have a large selection of board games to play while you're sipping on the amazing coffee drinks. They host a board game night every Thursday (around 6:30) at their incredibly cozy coffee shop in Elmhurst, and we help run it! If you like locally-crafted coffee in a relaxing, non-corporate atmosphere, then Brewpoint Coffee is a place you should visit.

Do you enjoy collecting things? Are you into pop culture from the past and present? Well then we have just the place for you! Mr. Wayne's in Westmont has everything you could possibly want and if they don't have it there's a really good chance they can get it for you. Not only do they sell collectibles, they also sell original comic book and anime themed artwork.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! One of the owner's, Joe, crafts custom action figures and does repairs in his spare time! If you've ever dreamed of having your favorite action figure with a custom paint job or some other crazy modifications, you can request to have it made for you!