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What do you guys think of A-Wings?

Ship Builds, List Ideas, etc.
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Postby ohh_shi » January 12th, 2016, 4:52 pm

They've always been my favorite ship in Star Wars, but I'm a bit disappointed with them in this game. Only having two attack is a huge downside, and with a single missile slot they have one chance to really hit hard. They're great blockers, I'll give them that, but I don't know if they can even be considered arc dodgers with their lack of barrel roll. I don't ever see them used for anything other than blocking and as a filler ship.

So what do you guys think? Any build ideas to make them more viable?


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Postby mfransham » January 13th, 2016, 4:58 am

It seems that the majority of people have some trouble using them in highly competitive games. They seem great for flavour games and scenarios thatt require you to more on an objective fast.

There are a couple of lists using 2 A wings and Bwings / X wings though.

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Postby Shizrak » January 16th, 2016, 10:06 pm

Personally I love the A-Wing. It's not typically a flagship, more of a support or economy class. In theory, one could run:

5x Prototype Pilot with Proton Rockets

for 5 damage dice at range 1.
The initial exchange is likely to be a mess, and it is dice dependent, but if you fly reasonably well, and can get to range 1 with a focus, you could totally annihilate a large ship in one turn with 4x5 dice. (One of the A-wings likely died before firing its payload)

With normal dice odds (50/50ish) you're looking at an average of 8 damage, which would wipe a Y or B wing right off the map.

At this point, generally the A-wing player has lost an expendable vessel that he had 5 of, and the opponent has quite possibly lost his most valuable ship.

I would run this if we had the models.
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Postby mfransham » January 17th, 2016, 10:24 am

I have two a-wings you can borrow at any point if you want to test it out. I think you need to treat them the same way you would treat a TIE Swarm. At Range 1-2 you are rolling 10 - 15 dice which should overcome focus and evasion. But it you get into pot shots with the A-wings their attacks become disjointed and feeble. However, formation flying is tough which is why they get sidelined.

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Postby andrewb » January 21st, 2016, 5:23 pm

Jake with Veteran Instincts and Push The Limit can dodge arcs just as well as Soontir can. Otherwise, you are right, the lack of a Barrel Roll really makes it hard for them. Proton Rockets are some of the best ordnance in the game, since it doesn't cost any action economy to use them. Also, the game design makes it tough to really quantify the value of a 5 dice attack - against a low agility ship lower, more consistent firepower is fine. But when trying to shoot down Soontir Fel with Stealth Device, two focus tokens, and an evade token, you could shoot forever with 2 or 3 dice attacks and watch him shrug them off. Those extra dice that can finally exceed his ability to evade in a single roll is pretty awesome.

Another fun build is to run Tycho with Daredevil. He can perform a 1 turn maneuver, then follow it up with Daredevil to turn him in an incredibly tight 180 degrees. With this set up, he can actually turn tighter than Soontir can, and can even follow up with a boost if he wants. Of course, he is only at PS 8, but still a fun option.
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