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Using Multiple Targetlocks

Ship Builds, List Ideas, etc.
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Postby mfransham » January 14th, 2016, 12:00 am

Question guys,

Redline (TIE Punisher) has 2 target locks. Does this mean you can shoot two volleys of concussion missiles?


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Postby Shizrak » January 14th, 2016, 4:04 am

Assuming you mean two volleys in one turn:

No, can't attack twice in one turn, except when explicitly instructed to. (Like twin laser turret or cluster missles)

Redlines 2nd target lock comes in like this: you spend one lock to use your secondary weapon of choice. You roll your attack dice and you still have a target lock which allows you to reroll any or all dice on that secondary weapon attack.

Even better, give redline fire-control system and get two target locks on that same enemy ship (if it survived)

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Postby ohh_shi » January 14th, 2016, 8:54 am

What Mike said is correct, and the best way I know to utilize that ability fully (and how I personally would run Redline) is this:

40 points total
Redline (27)
Fire Control System (2)
Extra Munitions (2)
Cluster Missiles (4)
Cluster Missiles (4)
Munitions Failsafe (1)

All you have to do is get the initial double target lock, and then you can fire off those cluster missiles. Even for the initial attack, you will have the option of rerolling every single dice thanks to Fire Control System. With Extra Munitions equipped you've got four sets of missiles, plus Munitions Failsafe for an single extra point is a good safety net versus some high agility ships.

You can always add a couple bombs or swap out one of the missiles too. It's a little pricey, yeah, but if you're running Redline I would venture to guess that he's gonna be your main ship.

Sorry if this build was common sense. Just wanted to add my two cents since I've played around with Punishers a decent amount.

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Postby mfransham » January 14th, 2016, 6:53 pm

That's what I thought. I just couldn't find it in the rules that you were limited to one attack. The thought of using "deadeye" so you could burn focus instead of target locks. Combine that with Kyle Katarn and Airen Crackens (Or something similar on the imperial side) and you could vomit missiles. Oh well.

As for suggestions on load outs and lists I will always take it. There is always another way of skinning a cat and I am all ears. Lots of cards to read and I hadn't thought about the Fire control system.

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