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Rumored FAQ Leak

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Rumored FAQ Leak

Postby Shizrak » July 27th, 2017, 2:26 pm

A user on reddit claims to have leaked the major changes in the new FAQ, as follows:

Jumpmaster 5000-
Loses salvaged astromech slot.
Loses illicit slot.
Loses one torpedo slot.

Punishing One title card-
Adds a salvaged astromech slot.
Adds an illicit slot.
Loses remaining torpedo slot.

Attani Mindlink-
Limited to 2 cards per list.

Advanced Slam-
Free actions from advanced slam limited to those in your action bar (no advanced slam bombs)

If this is true, we may finally see an end to triple jumpmasters. Which is good for everyone.
And an end to advanced slam K-wing bombs. Which is good for aces.
But also the end of mindlink seeing play at all, since with just two ships, unless one of them generates free focus tokens, the action economy just isn't there. Which is bad for scum.

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