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Know Your Advantages

EDH Map Based Campaign Info
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Know Your Advantages

Postby Arc198 » April 25th, 2016, 6:01 pm

As you all know, each tile on the board has it's own advantage tile assigned to it. And as each week's map comes out, you will all get to know that new goodies were discovered. Unfortunately, there is no clean cut way of displaying this, that is why i have decided to mark the map with the each individual card number. If you ever need to know what a number is, check right here:

1- Better Intelligence
2- Censoring
3- Cheap Defence
4- Common Interest
5- Devoted Thoughts
6- Early Investments
7- Extra Resources
8- Fates Entwine
9- Furious Spite
10- Good Upbringing
11- Head Start
12- Path Finding
13- Reliable Familiar
14- Trusted Alliance
15- Trusty Veteran
16- Underestimated
17- Wide Variety
18- Cornering
19- Strong Bonds
20- Taught By Ancestors

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