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Idiot's Array Tournament Format

Sunday Game Discussion
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Idiot's Array Tournament Format

Postby Shizrak » July 27th, 2017, 2:10 pm

Trying to gauge interest for an alternate store tournament format.

In the Star Wars lore, in the game of Sabacc, an Idiot's Array is the worst possible hand, but wins anyway, beating even the Pure Sabacc (royal flush)

For an X-Wing tournament, the application is a bit different, but I liked the name.

If we played an Idiot's Array tournament, each player would bring a 100pt legal tournament list, as normal.
Then, before the first round, each player would get one of the submitted lists by random draw, and must learn to play it on the fly.
You could still get your own list, so making your list too weak would be a bad idea... But odds are you won't get your own, so making it very strong would also be a bad idea.

I think this could be tons of fun for smaller store tournaments, as it would allow a lot of pilots and upgrades that don't usually see tournament play make it onto the tables. It also encourages crazy combos, the kind that are normally too risky to play in a tournament. The ideal list would be difficult to fly, unless you figured out the trick to it. And if you got lucky and pulled your own list, you would already know the trick.

Prizes could be awarded to both the winning player and the author of the winning list.


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Re: Idiot's Array Tournament Format

Postby Ty » July 27th, 2017, 3:02 pm

Does sound pretty interesting. Think it would probably be best to try it out on a sunday when there are an even number of players in for casual play. Just to see what everyone thinks.

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