What we sell

Cases & Boxes

Cases are available as a preorder for a new set or special order for set still in print. Booster boxes for the current set are available in store or as a special order for any set still in print. Please call for a list of the currently available MTG sets.

Booster Packs

Booster packs for the current set are always available in store. They are $3.71 per pack or 3 packs for 10 (plus tax). We keep booster packs of all the sets currently in standard available in shop. $1.00 repacks are also available for newer players looking to beef up their card pool. Each one has a chance to win up to 3 regular booster packs!


We have a wide selection of singles ranging almost the whole span of Magic. We have 3 cases worth of more rare and expensive cards. 1 Case dedicated to standard & the other 2 cases are packed with Modern & Vintage We have binders of Uncommons & Rares available for viewing at all times for a large amount of sets.

Retro Game Systems

We carry a multitude of Retro Systems and have most of them in stock most of the time. Call to check availability. All of our systems are put through the ringer before they go out on the shelf. What that means is; each system is taken apart and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. If a system needs repair parts, we only use top of the line replacements. With over 8 years of repairing systems, you can guarantee that you’ll be buying a quality, working product.

Video Games

Just like our Retro Systems, all of the games we have in stock are given the Tyton Treatment. Disc based games are resurfaced, if need be, by a top of the line disc resurfacing machine. All of the cartridge based games are taken apart and cleaned inside and out. The pins are cleaned and polished to the highest shine they can achieve without taking off the finish to ensure that they boot up any time, every time. After being tested, each cartridge game gets put in it’s own sealed bag to ensure that it remains clean! Dirt and Dust are by far the worst enemy of anything retro gaming related.


All of the accessories that we sell are held to the same standards as the rest of the retro merchandise. Even if it is just a simple cable, it still gets cleaned to our standards and tested before it goes out for sale. We want everything you bring home from us to be the cleanest, most reliably working retro goods you can find. A lot of the products we carry are 20+ years old and absolutely need the treatment that they get here. No other place has the attention for detail that we do. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Games Workshop Models

From Vintage to the newest of new releases, 40k is a big part of our shelves. If you’re just looking for a model to paint or want to buy a whole army, we have you covered! Our shelfs not only stock the full range of 40k models but they also have a hefty helping of vintage models! You’ll still find brand new in the box & blister, old pewter models of yore. With many more available on our eBay store.


When it comes to modeling and paint supplies, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We stock the full range of Citadel Paints. Along with a hefty helping of painting and modeling supplies from Games Workshop. Our Paint/ Hobby Station is a great place to comfortably hobby & paint. Meet new players and learn new hobby techniques from fellow gamers.

Everything Else

If it’s not the full game and hobby experience your looking for then we also carry a multitude of other games that cater more toward the casual gamer. We have base sets and expansions (if available) for: • Dungeons & Dragons • Boss Monster • Munchkin • Star Wars X-Wing, Imperial Assault & Armada • Zombiecide • Dominion • Crabs Adjust Humidity • ZombieDice ……………..and MORE!!!!!!!!!!