Tony's Top 10 Best NES Games of All Time

Tony's Top 10 Best NES Games of All Time

I know what you're thinking, "Ugh, another top 10 list". Yes, it is yet another top ten list for the Nintendo Entertainment System but this one may be a little different from the usual. Reason being is that it is MY top ten list. Most lists you see online are probably pretty similar and for good reason. There are games for the NES that just stand above the rest due to their graphics, controls, story, and gameplay. I've always been a creature of nostalgia so my list might not align with your run of the mill "best of" lists. So without further ado, as they say, here is my own personal Top Ten Best NES Games of All Time.........list.


10. Super Mario Bros 2

In my opinion, this game is a masterpiece. I know it's basically a reskinned version of Yume Dojo: Doki Doki Panic but the game is just plain fun. It is a huge deviation from the original Mario Bros. formula from the first game and is definitely looked at as the odd child from the original trilogy of games.

Yanking fruit out of the ground and hurling it at enemies is still a very satisfying mechanic. The world the developers created is weird, wacky, and fun. The enemies are interesting and odd. Chalked full of secrets, different pathways to complete stages, and dazzling graphics for its time, this game should be on every top ten list.


9. Rampage 

You are in control of George, the King Kong style gorilla, and Lizzie, the radioactive reptile who go on a rampage destroying cities. It may seem like a simple game at first because all the screens in the game are essentially the same. What ups this game's fun factor is when you get a second player involved. What you do in this game has an impact on the other player also.

My brother and I would play this game for hours. Eating humans, punching helicopters out of the sky, smashing cars, and absolutely demolishing buildings. We never really paid too much attention to the point system or the end game, we just played and laughed. It is those fond memories of this game that earn it a place on my top ten.


8. The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants

Ahhh, Bart vs. the Space Mutants. This game gets a lot of crap and understandably so. The controls are hard to work with at times, the later levels ramp up the difficulty, and some tasks require a higher level of precision. That being said, I played the crap out of this game when I was young. My siblings didn't care too much for it but I was drawn to it.

Maybe it was the challenge that did it for me, or maybe it was because The Simpsons, Bart in particular at the time, was all the rage. Not really sure exactly why I got hooked on it but I still play it to this day. I still enjoy spray painting purple items in the first stage to stop the aliens from carrying out their evil plan. I have to disagree with the legend AVGN, sorry James, I love this game.


7. Fester's Quest

Here's another one I'm probably going to catch some shit for. I don't care, I like it either way. It says something about things you have at your disposal when you're a child or anytime in life for that matter. I had this game in my small library of NES carts and I played the ever loving crap out of it. Did I get very far? No! That didn't stop me.

The difficulty once you get past the first stage is on another level. The game is deceptive as it tries to downgrade your power ups, the level layouts (especially the 3D sections) are confusing, and the bullshit enemy respawns are on unforgiving. Even so, I had fun with it and you can too. Just take it at face value and try not to get frustrated, stay determined. Plus, that intro theme music is BANGIN'!


6. Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you're done reading this list because I posted three stinkers in a row. Hear me out though! In the game you are Kuros, a brave warrior out to defeat the evil wizard Malkil. Malkil takes the form of four elementals in order to stop you. Assemble the Ironsword and smash that dudes head in. Fun story, I made up the smash his head in part.

With all the crap it catches nowadays it did get good reviews upon release. The artworks was chastised but I think it looks cool. The story, the gameplay, the level design, and the music is thoroughly enjoyable if you ask me. I played through this game many times in my youth, and even more so as an adult. If it's getting on your nerves because it's difficult, slap the Game Genie on this bad boy and give it a run through. I guarantee you'll have a good time. Oh and yes, that is Fabio on the cover.


5. Double Dragon

Yeah, now we're getting into some widely acclaimed good stuff. Tradewest published one hell of a game here. Billy and Jimmy are some bad ass mofo's and they don't take any shit off anyone. Bats, knives, whips, barrels, you name it. These guys will use anything at their disposal to take down everything in their path.

The single player campaign is so fun. It never gets old, even to this day. The progression of abilities and difficulty is on point. The music is great and the gameplay is fun. Same goes for the multiplayer portion and it's a must play. My brother and I would literally cry because we were laughing so much fighting each other in the one on one. I still get a laugh out of running full speed and slamming myself into a wall. Brings back memories.


4. Fire 'N Ice

If you are into puzzle games, you're gonna love this. Probably the hardest to find game on this list, Fire 'N Ice is a game that will have you scratching your head at times and feeling accomplished at others. You take control of an apprentice wizard named Dana who has been given the power of ice to stop the evil wizard Druidle. Place blocks of ice to quench the flames to save the island of Coolmint.

This is the only game on the list that I had no idea existed when I was a child. I picked this up when I started collecting games about 20 years ago. I always loved the LOLO series and this game is in the same vein. A well made puzzle game with good difficulty progression and a simple design. Pick it up, if you can find a copy, and pop it in for hours of perplexing fun.


3. Batman

Sunsoft brings another fun game with killer tunes. Take control of everybody's favorite caped crusader on a mission to take down his arch nemesis the Joker. People may disagree with me here but I believe this is a masterfully designed game for the time. A side scroller like many a NES game but the added elements set this one apart from others.

Can we talk about the wall jumps? They are so freaking fun it's unbelievable. They are probably my favorite part about this game. You better master these suckers too because the later stages require pin point wall jumping precision. Mix in some cool bosses, some fun weapons at your disposal, and a soundtrack that will blow you away and you have a top notch game. Argue if you will but this is undoubtedly a good game. Oh and Michael Keaton is hands down the best to portray Batman, EVER! Fight me.


2. Ninja Gaiden

To this day when I fire up the old Nintendo Entertainment System, this is one of the first games I pop in. Ninja Gaiden is NES gold and there are probably very few people who would argue with that. The fast pace gameplay of controlling Ryu Hayabusa as he expertly throws ninja stars and slashes enemies to shreds with his katana is very satisfying. A difficult game for sure, but it hurts so good.

Call me a chump but I still have not beaten this game. I've gotten to the end boss several times but he beats the ever loving shit out of me. Can I watch some YouTube videos and learn his pattern, sure. I was never much for hints, tips, and tricks so I still won't seek them out to this day. Will I eventually beat it? Time will tell but in the meantime I'll still rage through a few levels when I have the time.


1. Contra

.....and the No. 1 game on the list is......drumroll.....wait for it....oh, yeah right, you can already see it. CONTRA! Maybe some games will shuffle around on my list or an odd one pop in and out but this game will always be the cream of the crop for me. As your control Bill and Lance through fast paced run and gun gameplay to defeat the Vile Red Falcon, you can't help but be blown away by the fun.

I have fond memories of playing this game with my cousin Ivano when I was young. He has since passed away so I hold this game and those times close to my heart. Even though the nostalgia factor is off this scales with this game for me, you can't tell me that this isn't one of the most beloved games the NES has to offer. Sure some say it's difficult but practice makes perfect and my dedication to this game has made me a master at it. I have played this game countless times throughout my life and it never gets old. It is the most prized game in my collection and my wife has been instructed that it's the only one she can't sell upon my passing.



If you've played the games in this list and don't like them I encourage you to give them another try. Look at them with youthful eyes if your an adult, and if you're still in your youth enjoy them for what they are.

If you haven't played some of these games I would urge you to give them a shot. Everyone will have their own ideas of what games are worth their time. These are mine and I hope you at least enjoyed reading my post.





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