About Us

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far.........no, but really. Ty & Tony are just a couple of old men. Born way back in 1982, just 11 days apart from one another. Tony met up with Ty in about 3rd grade, friends and nerds ever since.

When they were younger they would hang out quite a bit but when Tony changed High Schools mid year they kind of lost touch for a while. One fateful day back in 2009 they ran into each other and got to talking about all things nerdy. With their years of expertise in various nerd hobbies, they combined their powers and built Tyton Games, an LGS in Villa Park, IL. It boasts a grand 1000 sq ft gaming room along with around 2000 sq ft of retail space. Carrying a variety of products from various hobbies including Warhammer 40K, Magic: The Gathering, and of course Retro Video Games & Systems.

Fast forward to now when we welcome two new guys to the Tyton Family. Matt and Art. The four of us together hope to give the store a bit of an upgrade. Updating systems to make finding the games and supplies you need easier and cheaper than ever. We will also be bringing in new product lines and running more tournaments. Come check us out if you get a chance so we can help you with all your nerdy needs!