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TTX Tech

AV Cable for Original XBOX®

AV Cable for Original XBOX®

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So you want to get your game on. You dig through that beat up cardboard box that you just picked up from a garage sale. It has the XBOX® system, the power cable, a controller, and a few games. Wait, where is the AV cable? You take everything out and untangle the cords. Nothing! Rats! This is where this quality replacement cable from TTX Tech comes in. It is exactly what you're missing and what you need to hook that giant almost 8 and a half pound system (yes, it weighs that much) to your TV and have some fun.


➤ Plug 'n' Play

➤ 6' long cable

➤ Only compatible with controllers for Original XBOX


"Watchoo lookin' at? Nothing! You need this cord."

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