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Battery Door Cover for Wii® Mote Controller

Battery Door Cover for Wii® Mote Controller

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Picture this scenario. You're engaged in a crazy game on the Nintendo Wii® where you have to flail your arms about wildly. Your controller doesn't have a battery back on it. While your flapping your noodles around the batteries go flying out of your Wii® Mote and one nails your TV. The other smacks your cat between the eyes and puts it in a coma. Now you can't watch Cowboy Beebop cause your TV is broken and so is your cat's brain. Do yourself a favor and cover up those electrical nuggets, keep them secure, and save yourself a lot of heartache.


➤ Fits all original Wii® Mote Controllers

➤ Available in white or black

➤ Unbranded


"Batteries not included." 

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