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Retro Fighters

BrawlerGen Wired Controller for Switch® / PC (Black)

BrawlerGen Wired Controller for Switch® / PC (Black)

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Nintendo Switch®/ Genesis® Mini/ PC/ Mac


Retro Fighters BrawlerGen controllers were lovingly inspired by the Sega Genesis® controllers. You can tell a lot of retro love went into this one. Though not for use with the Genesis, what better way to get that retro feel when playing your Switch or PC. This controller has a sleek ergonomic design, responsive buttons & D-Pad, and added shoulder buttons. Relive your classics with a classically inspired controller. 


➤ Compatible with Switch®, Sega Genesis Mini®, PC, and Mac

➤ Comfortable and ergonomic design

➤ Responsive, high quality D-Pad

➤ Comfortable analog stick

➤ USB Connector that supports D-input & X-input

➤ "L" & "R" Shoulder buttons

➤ 10' long cord

"BrawlerGen does what other controllers don't." 

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