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Breakaway Cable for Original XBOX® Controllers

Breakaway Cable for Original XBOX® Controllers

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Crazy Taxi 3 is up on the screen, you're on the couch. Game is getting intense when all of a sudden your dog hears something outside. He shoots across the living room like a bullet. His path crosses your controller cord plugged into your XBOX® that is sitting on top of your TV stand. SNAP! Your breakaway cable does it's job and disconnects mid line to save your system from crashing to the floor like a bag of bricks. Probably should have one of these, not just to save your system or keep the controller from getting ripped from your hands by a shin swipe but also because you can't even plug your controller in without them.


➤ Protects controller and system from cord trips

➤ Durable braided cable with ferrite core

➤ Only compatible with controllers for Original XBOX


"Don't trip, your system is safe."

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