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Contender Wireless Controller for Switch® / PC (Black) [Bluetooth]

Contender Wireless Controller for Switch® / PC (Black) [Bluetooth]

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Nitendo Switch®/ PC


I coulda been a contender! Don't have any regrets, you can at least have a Contender. Rival Labs brings the feel you're looking for with this sweet controller that is bluetooth wireless compatible with your Nintendo Switch® or Personal Computer. This thing is packed to the gills with features. You can adjust the vibration feedback, take screenshots, and even engage turbo button functionality. Throw in motion controls and NFC and you pretty much have everything you're looking for in a controller right here.


➤ Bluetooth Wireless

➤ NFC and motion controls

➤ Adjustable vibration feedback

➤ Compatible with Switch & PC

➤ Turbo functionality

➤ Screenshot sharing button

➤ Red & Blue accent lights

➤ 600 mAh rechargeable battery

➤ 8-10 hours of play time

➤ USB-C connection

➤ Sytem wake up feature

"Don't be a a contender." 

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