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Controller Extension Cable for Gamecube® (6' Long)

Controller Extension Cable for Gamecube® (6' Long)

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No lag and no need to drag your system from it's shelf. This extension gives you the length you need to sit comfortably. Don't trip cause this cable comes equipped with a safety "break-away" feature so your controller doesn't get yanked from your hand due to the shins of those pesky people walking in between you and the TV. 6 feet goes a long way to getting you to the optimal viewing distance for all those Nintendo Gamecube ® classic games that you love to play.


➤ Compatible with Gamecube®

➤ 6 foot extension

➤ Safety "break-away" feature


"Cause you're going the distance, you're smokin' some weed. You're all alone, in a room, with your Cube playing Need for Speed." 

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