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Retro Fighters

Duelist Wireless Controller for Switch® / PC (Indigo) [Bluetooth]

Duelist Wireless Controller for Switch® / PC (Indigo) [Bluetooth]

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Nitendo Switch®/ PC


Retro Fighters....need I say more? I will though. This GameCube® inspired pad is another gem by the wizards over at Retro Fighters. Wether you choose to game on your Switch® or your PC, this controller will not disappoint. Made with Smash Bros. in mind, it's button layout and sleek ergonomic design will have you smashing button combos with ease. Bluetooth tech allows you to turn your Switch® on right from the controller so you don't have to get to far away from your snacks sitting on the coffee table.


➤ Ergonomic GC Style game pad design

➤ Large "A" button

➤ Wireless (Bluetooth)

➤ Innovative "S" button

➤ Dual "Z" triggers

➤ Rechargeable lithium ion battery

➤ Turn on your system from the controller

➤ 30' wireless range

"Smash your friends at Smash with this controller." 

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