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HDTV Cable for Sega Saturn®

HDTV Cable for Sega Saturn®

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Sega Saturn®


Everything looks better in HD, even the Sega Saturn®. This cable makes a difference. If you like your games picture nice and crisp. This cord also allows you to pick between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios in high 720p resolution, if that's something you fancy. Knock it up a notch with this HDTV cable by the good folks over at Hyperkin.


A 5V 1A power source is required to operate this cable (NOT INCLUDED)

➤ 720p resolution

➤ Includes 6 foot micro cable

➤ 7 feet in length

➤ Compatible with all HDTVs and Saturn Models

"Sounds so good, looks so crispy" 

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