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HyperConvert: Universal Cartridge Adapter for N64

HyperConvert: Universal Cartridge Adapter for N64

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If you want to play different region N64 games on your console, the Hyperkin HyperConvert Universal Adapter makes that task a breeze. Sure you can hunt down that specific region of console but then you'd need several different systems. You could also bust the tabs off the inside of your system but who wants to violate their precious consoles like that? Just slide this puppy in, piggyback a game from the region of your choice, and slam bippity bam you're off and running.


➤ Universally Compatible: Play NTSC, NTSC-J, and PAL cartridges

➤ Plug & Play: Just insert into the cartridge slot and you're ready to go

➤ Sleek design looks and fits nice without being bulky

Note: Compatibility may vary depending on the cartridge. No need to remove the adapter to switch game regions.

"Just slide it in, just slide it in....give it a little slippy, slip-dip-dip-aroo" 

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