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Memory Door Cover for N64 (Expansion Port)

Memory Door Cover for N64 (Expansion Port)

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How many times have you come across a Nintendo 64® system and your staring the jumper pak dead in the eye cause the damn expansion port cover is missing? I know I have, plenty of times. You're right, it is ugly. Pretty your system right up with these close to the original quality Memory Door Covers by RepairBox. They come in all the popular colors the millennials are talking about these days and come as close to the originals as you're going to find. Not to mention, it keeps all that nasty gunk and dirt from entering your system through that gaping hole.


➤ Keeps out dust and dirt prolonging the life of your system

➤ Compatible with N64® systems

➤ Very close color match

"Get protection. Cover your pak up." 

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