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NuScope Converter Box for AV to HD

NuScope Converter Box for AV to HD

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NES®/ SNES®/ N64®/ Gamecube®/ Wii®/ Sega Master System™/ Genesis®/ Saturn®/ Dreamcast®/ PS1®/ PS2®/ XBOX®/ XBOX 360®


Upgrading your picture on your retro system has never been easier. Not to mention, just hooking some of these older systems up to a newer TV isn't possible without something like the NuScope Converter. Just plug your AV cable into the converter, then run and HDMI cord from the converters output to your television, connect to USB power with the included cable and BLAMO! Your picture never looked so good.


➤ Compatible with most HDTVs and HD monitors

➤ Converts your AV signal to an HD signal up to 1080p

➤ Includes 3 ft. Mini power cable

➤ Easy to set up

"NuScope is too dope." 

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