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Prism HD Adapter for Gamecube@

Prism HD Adapter for Gamecube@

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Say goodbye to the stale old video quality of old and say hello to some of the best possible visuals you can squeak out of your Nintendo Gamecube®. Say hello to the Prism HD Adapter from Retro-Bit. This puppy jumps into action in the same way those pricey, first party component cables do but this one isn't hard to come by. With a plug and play setup it's as easy as the first level of SMB to get a high quality picture from your system. With tons of features easily accessed from a on-screen display, this is the easy choice for hooking your GC up to your fancy new TV.


➤ Compatible with Gamecube®

➤ Customizable on screen display

➤ Scan filters, line doubling, aspect ratio tweaking and more

➤ IR remote control with 3ft range

➤ Plug & Play setup

➤ USB-C data port for easy installs of new firmware and additional languages


"Prism.....schism....Tool......i'm a tool." 

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