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Rumble/ Tremor Pak for Dreamcast®

Rumble/ Tremor Pak for Dreamcast®

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Sick of your controller just sitting there in your hands like a limp fish? Put it to work and plug the Tremor Pak by Performance into your Dreamcast® controller and feel your games like never before! Head on collision in Crazy Taxi.......*Bzzzzzzzz*. Opening up a can of whoop ass in Marvel vs. Capcom.......*Bzzzzzzz*. Your games just aren't the same without it.


➤ Compatible with Sega Dreamcast® controllers

➤ Vibration feedback for compatible games

➤ Plugs into the second port so you can still use your VMU


*Note: We hold all used products that we sell to a high standard. Everything is refurbished (if need be), cleaned, and tested in house before it is made available for sale. We are gamers ourselves and take pride in providing the best quality used products we possibly can. Used items that are pictured are stock photos unless otherwise noted. The product you receive may show light signs of use.



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