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TTX Tech

S-Video/ AV Cable for Gamecube® (6' Long)

S-Video/ AV Cable for Gamecube® (6' Long)

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SNES®, N64®, and Gamecube®


Lose, damage, eat, borrow out, use to tie up tomato plants, accidentally throw away, or melt your video cable well you're in luck. Cause right here is a handy, dandy high quality replacement from the folks over at TTX Tech. It also does one better than your original and includes the ever so popular S-Video connection. 6' of cable is more than enough to get that picture flowing from your system to the TV and have you back gaming in no time!


➤ Compatible with SNES®, N64®, and Gamecube®

➤ 6 feet of cable goodness

➤ Just plug it in and it works



"Get that S-Video....Wow, what a difference. (sung to the Blockbuster Video ® theme)" 

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