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S-Video/ AV Cable for Sega Saturn® (Gold Plated)

S-Video/ AV Cable for Sega Saturn® (Gold Plated)

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Sega Saturn®


Every Saturn needs an AV cable if you want to see the picture on your TV. If not, you'd just be staring at a blank screen mashing buttons on your controller. We all know that isn't any fun.....or is it? Anyway, you probably want one of these quality s-Video/ AV cables for your Sega Saturn® from Retro-Bit. With its gold plated connectors you can be sure you are getting a quality picture and the S-Video connection bumps it up a notch from your regular AV cable.


➤ Gold plated connectors for better connectivity

➤ Compatible with TV's that have AV ports

➤ 6 feet in length

➤ Compatible with all Saturn Models

"You got S-Video, WOW.....what a difference!" 

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