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TTX Tech

Sensor Bar (Wired) for Wii® and Wii U®

Sensor Bar (Wired) for Wii® and Wii U®

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Wii® / Wii U®


I feel my Tyton senses tingling for this sensor bar by TTX Tech. Waving your remote and nunchuck around at your television isn't going to do you any good unless you have a sensor bar hooked up to your system. So if your's is acting a little funky or doesn't work because your pet gerbil chewed through the cord, this is a fitting replacement. The 8 foot cable will make sure you can put it in an ideal position so you can game with comfort and precision. 


➤ Compatible with Wii® and Wii U® systems

➤ 8' cable

➤ Plug 'n' Play



"I sense and intense night of gaming in your future." 

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