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Retro Fighters

Striker DC Controller for Sega Dreamcast® (Wired) (Clear Red)

Striker DC Controller for Sega Dreamcast® (Wired) (Clear Red)

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Sega Dreamcast®


RetroFighters does it again with their top notch take on the classic Dreamcast controller. They made it feel better, look better, and control better than the original. The VMU window provides improved visibility and the 10' long cable will provide comfort while gaming. Pressure sensitive triggers and shoulder buttons, turbo functionality and a highly responsive analog stick round out the upgrades. This thing is sick but then again, so is everything RetroFighters puts out. 


➤ Ergonomic & modern design

➤ High Quality responsive D-Pad

➤ Added pressure sensitive triggers and shoulder buttons

➤ Turbo function

➤ Comfortable and responsive analog stick

➤ Improved visibility VMU viewing window

➤ 10 foot long cord

➤ Compatible with 1st party VMUs, Vibration packs, 4X Memory cards, and Microphone (some 3rd party accessories may be incompatible)

"Your VMU is gonna look good with this sexy controller wrapped around it" 

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