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Wrist Strap for Wii® Controllers

Wrist Strap for Wii® Controllers

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Wii® Motes


Holy Cannoli, that's a huge hole you have in your flat panel TV! Let me guess, you had a buddy over and you were getting all dirty in a game of Wii® Bowling. You're too cool for safety so you played anyway, even though you didn't have a wrist strap. Your buddy was up by 13 pins so you whipped your arm around like a trebuchet trying to power through the rack and nail a strike. Little did you know that bag of potato chips you ate earlier would come back to haunt you when your greasy digits couldn't hold on to the controller and you sent it flying right into your television. Don't act like you're cool. Safety first. Get a wrist strap.


➤ Made durable

➤ Compatible with your Wii Remote®


"Get your strap on!"

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